in-between • overlapping • layering • interaction

in-between • overlapping • layering • interaction
2015-07-21 cindymode
In Design Concept

In-between • Overlapping • Layering • Interaction

Sensory experience — Touches Soul — Triggering Emotions

cindymode brings together beauty of material from nature, art and design concepts. Threading beauty into daily lives and through everyday objects, revolving around central concepts of in-between, overlapping, layering and interaction through nature, craft and life.

Inspired from the Chinese Ink Painting, central concepts of Overlapping and Layering are expressed through interplay of light and shadow, notions of revealing and hiding; expressed through interaction of objects and graphics through the action of stacking and overlapping objects in space, thus forming rhythm in life.

Holding a glass in one’s hand, its form, texture, and the traditional craft aesthetics and values.